Burlingame School District

1825 Trousdale Drive

The Burlingame School District provides education in a stimulating, safe and caring environment. Learning is supported through a challenging, comprehensive instructional program that strives to meet the needs of all students. Our goal is to educate our students to their fullest potential so as lifelong learners they will be able to effectively contribute to a changing society. Students, staff, parents and the community work cooperatively in an educational process that respects individual differences and provides opportunity for all.

Core Values:
The Board of Trustees of the Burlingame School District believes in the core values listed below. These values create a starting point from which appropriate policy, action and planning will flow. These values will be the cornerstone of our Strategic Plan.

Curriculum: Provide a curriculum that exceeds mandated standards as assessed through multiple measures. This instructional program will develop every child academically, socially and physically.
Instruction/Staff Development: Recognizing the teaching team as the key to superior instruction and how it is delivered, the District will attract and retain the highest caliber staff and maximize potential through training, support, collaboration and motivation.

Community: Assist in meeting the community's needs, best utilize community resources and achieve the District's goals through communication and partnerships with citizens, parents, business leaders, local government and community groups.

Facilities: Provide attractive, well-maintained efficiently utilized school campuses that meet present and future educational needs, and house both community and child-centered activities year-round.

Fiscal Management: Continuously work to maintain fiscal stability, protect and maintain the assets of the School District and anticipate, plan and secure the revenue sources required to meet the District's educational goals and needs of the community.