Heinie's Market - Tipsy's Liquor World

Heinie's Market - Tipsy's Liquor World
5869 Alkire St

Heinie's Market is a family owned and operated fresh produce retailer that has operated since 1950, located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. We provide our customers with the freshest farm grown produce that Colorado has to offer including: peaches, tomatoes, Olathe sweet corn, apples, plums, pears, cherries, pickles, watermelon, cantaloupe, apricots, nectarines, fresh pie cherries and variety of many other fresh Colorado fruit and vegetables. Our produce is purchased and hauled directly from the farm to our store, by us, with no middle man. This ensures the FRESHEST quality produce that is as close to homegrown that you can get.

In August we bring in the largest and meatiest Pueblo and Grand Junction Chili's to be roasted. You pick out the heat and type of chili of your choice and we will roast it for you to perfection where the skin will slide off without wasting any chili. We are one of the only farmers markets that still offers you a TRUE Bushel of roasted chili unlike other Denver vendors.

Also offered at Heinies is an enormous selection of fresh jams and jellies and many other canned fruits and vegetables. If you don't want to purchase pre-canned fruits and vegetables we also carry a plethora of canning items that you can purchase for your canning adventure.

Heinies Market also carries a variety of different types of popcorn ranging from white popcorn to blue popcorn and supplies for all your popping needs. You also have to try our kettle corn that we pop at the store fresh daily.

During the spring months and into June we carry a huge variety of bedding plants and flowers (perennials and annuals). Also we carry different herbs and vegetable plants including a variety of different heirloom tomato plants. We also carry beautiful hanging baskets and a variety of small to extra-largeterra pots.