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Lake Edge Lutheran Church Of Madison

4032 Monona Drive

Mission Statement:
We are a community of diverse persons living within God’s creation, redeemed by Christ and led by the Holy Spirit.

In Baptism, we have been chosen to be God’s stewards in the world.

Nurtured and empowered by God’s Word and Sacrament, we are committed to be proclaimers of the Gospel as caretakers of all creation.

To this end, we strive to grow in and with our congregation in faith, love, justice and service in our daily lives -- in relationship to all God has entrusted to us: our environment, our local and global communities, our families and ourselves.

Vision Statement:
We strive to be a worshipping community empowered through God's Word and Sacrament. Trusting God before us, we accept the challenge to move from fear to faith. United in Jesus Christ, we value, affirm and invite diversity in our midst. We risk showing mercy and love in our community of faith and in the world.

 -Becoming an inclusive community.
  -Building our faith community.
  -Accepting our call to be God's stewardsty.
  -Making Worship Central.
  -Becoming Lifelong Learners.
  -Proclaiming the Gospel.
  -Taking our place in God's creation.
  -Risking ministry within our global community.
  -Risking ministry with our local community.
  -Supporting our families and ourselves.